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Art Lima Fair 2017

May 5, 2017

art lima 2017.jpg

New paintings in their new home

November 1, 2016

in the space.jpg


September 21, 2016



June 27, 2016

For me the process of a painting is never secondary and remains a prominent aspect of the completed work. Each step of a painting informs the next, and all the various stages create a story that make the final piece.



May 8, 2016

During my last trip to Lima, I visited Callao Monumental and found the most inspiring spaces I had seen in a long time, intact and in beautiful states of dereliction. This house is now being fully renovated to its original grandeur and will be home to many local artists and shops. Spaces like these get my creativity going!




March 23, 2016

Nothing better than a mountain of trash to make you feel like you’ve put in the effort.


Another painting in its new home

March 9, 2016

Love to receive photos from happy clients’ homes with paintings I’ve created.

in the living room.jpg