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148 days to go

December 21, 2010

Painting 2: The background

Christmas is around the corner and with it another year of family “fun”. Luckily with my own family in a different hemisphere the threat of family stress is nada.

Actually, the nice thing about not having to be involved with the endless Christmas family drama, is that my head is clear of mental clutter so I can get on with my painting. I cannot paint otherwise.
The MDF slats for painting 2 are up on the wall, nailed and primed, so now I have a “blank canvas” with the possibility of a great painting screaming to come out. I primed the MDF with a brush rather than with a roller to avoid tiny bubbles on the surface, which I noticed happened another time. The nails I use are very thin pins, so that they are easily removable and do not leave a mark on the MDF. The tricky bit is avoiding paint between the gaps of the slats.


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