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146 days to go

December 23, 2010

Painting 2: The process

And the countdown continues, no freezing weather or slipping on ice and landing on my ass that will stop that.

I am obsessed with horizontal lines, that’s my new thing. For a while now I had wanted to “slice” a painting: disturb it, distort it, stretch it, turn it, tilt it, whatever. Initially I was going to experiment with cutting a finished canvas painting, but the technical aspect of finishing off the edges and the loose threads of the fabric was problematic.
That’s why I am exploring with the MDF sections. To physically touch and distort a painting fascinates me. Twisted beauty.
The only trouble I find with the smooth MDF surface is that it doesn’t grab the paint as well as canvas. The texture of rough canvas is priceless, it really sucks the colour in. Francis Bacon used to paint on un-primed canvas, the story goes that one day he had no money and no blank canvas to paint on, so he used the back of an old painting, and discovered he really like the feel of rough canvas. Anyway, here is an update of painting 2:


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