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136 days to go

January 2, 2011

Painting 2: Finished

There is nothing more exciting than being in a train station with a bottle of wine, a small backpack and a train ticket to a fabulous destination. You look up and there it is: the gigantic departure board with its turning flaps flickering away like a slot machine.
There is something exhilarating about the sound of the “split-flap” mechanism, perhaps it’s the flip, or maybe it’s the flap, but the flipping flaps are like oracles, and they always take you to your destination. I wanted to capture that in painting 2.
Painting 2 is my idea of travel: bridges, highways, train stations, airports and cities all wrapped in one, which is why I named it “La destination”.
And in keeping with tradition, here is the movie of the painting. Click HERE to watch the video.

Painting 2: “La destination”


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