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134 days to go

January 4, 2011

Painting 3: New year, new painting

This year marks the 4th anniversary of my new year’s resolution.
Not all resolutions are new and some are so old they keep coming back every January completely uninvited like a dodgy Facebook friend request you don’t want.
After 4 years in the making, this is the year I must get a UK driver’s license. If only I could find that bloody manual.
Why is starting something so difficult? You know when to start, but you don’t know how. On the other hand, you know how to finish it, but don’t know when. In painting, how do you know when a painting is finished? Are there signs? Is it done when you feel comfortable? Or is comfortable a sign of complacency? Or how do you know when it’s not right? These are questions I have heard over and over again. Luckily for me the answer is easy: I just know. And if I don’t, then it’s probably because its not finished yet. However, sometimes art is like our lives, always a work in progress.
But for now, it’s a new year, and with it a new painting. Painting 3 is going to be a face. A big ass mother-fucking face.
Resolution number 2: curse less.

Painting 3: The sketch


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