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130 days to go

January 8, 2011

Painting 3: Quality

I used to buy my fruit and vegetables from a Tesco Express in a petrol station under a bridge in south-east London.
To my defense, I was a busy city dweller with little time to realise I was missing out on the delicious pleasures of real food.

These days I buy my produce from a local market, and the difference in taste is an extravagant treat.
It takes time to make your priorities right and realise that settling for second best is pointless.

That is why when I bought a paint brand that didn’t cut it for me, I threw it away immediately. I remember it clearly, I eagerly opened the paint cans and started mixing away, the results were shocking: yellow mixed with black, a green does not make. Red and white, purple? After a mini breakdown, I peeped again at the brand, and tucked away in a corner I saw the inevitable: an asterisks. We all know that asterisks are not a good thing, they always hide something and it generally involves tiny words.
And there it was: “student grade paint”.
So, if you want quality paint, stay away from student grade. Unless you are a student (or a cheap bastard).

Here is an update of miss face.


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