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127 days to go

January 11, 2011

Painting 3: Time

The last time I went into a hair salon was in 2003.
2 glasses of champagne, one cappuccino and 3 hours of unnecessary fuzz later, I got an overpriced haircut that I didn’t like. Which is why ever since then, I cut my own hair. Sure, I practiced on my dog’s fur first, but eventually I became good enough to do my own in just 10 minutes.
In a job, is time proportional to quality?
Some jobs blow you away (no wonder they call it a job) while others blow you apart. But, how much time does it take to get a good job done? In painting, I use the famous “IP” equation: “Inversely Proportional”, where the better the concept, the less time it takes to execute it. Think Albert Einstein’s E=MC2: little formula, big solution. So if I finish a painting quickly and effortlessly, I know the concept behind it is strong and the painting is probably good. Inversely, if it takes me long and painful weeks to finish a painting, then I presume that something is not quite right. The trick is knowing the difference. It’s nice to finish a good painting, but equally refreshing to trash a bad one.
Painting 3 is coming along in good timing and its at a stage where its all about the mascara, the eye shadow and the lipstick. The question is how much glam is glam enough?


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