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105 days to go

February 3, 2011

Painting 5: Process
Putting up an exhibition requires so much advanced planning and admin stuff it’s not even funny. It’s one thing to be an established artist (whatever that means) where all you do is give your paintings (and half your money) to your agent/gallery, but when you do it outside the gallery system (ooh yea), it’s an entirely different (and very satisfying) story. Between finding a gallery space, getting public liability insurance, PR, buying materials, organising a studio in London, managing a comprehensive mailing list, writing statements, updating website, calling, emailing, curating, networking, press release, the list is endless… it sometimes feels like painting is a secondary activity. But with a show about paintings that don’t even exist yet, the deadline is on my face. But the challenge is what keeps it going. So, without further ado, here’s an update for painting 5:


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